“My client is very excited and happy with the result [of her restyling sessions]. She just called and was practically in tears of joy. I can’t wait to see it, and must tell you how happy I am not only with your service, but to know you and Nancy. Thanks again for always coming through for me. You are an important part of the service I provide.”



“Wow! That was my first thought as I walked through my home after Total 360 had completed their work. I can’t say enough about Nancy, Brent and Kat- total professionals, great aesthetic, fantastic communicators- they pushed me to try some things out of my comfort zone but listened diligently to what i was trying to achieve with my home. They turned a 1939 Tudor into a stunning, functional and mid-century modern dream, all the while keeping the integrity of the art-deco period in which it was built. Unfortunately, I had to relocate but another WOW! the stunning interior sold my home in less than a week at over asking!! Better yet- I was able to use all of my pieces in my new home and when I rebuilt my new kitchen, I utilized many of the space saving kitchen cabinet and drawer designs they introduced. Lovely people that became friends- truly the best design team with which I have had the pleasure to work!”



“We were on a tight budget and had not yet sold another house. Brent and Nancy came in on budget and time. More importantly, they were patient and good humored when I worried and stressed about colors and ideas. Take my advice: Hire these two, cover your eyes and let them go to town. You won’t be disappointed.”



“Working with Total 360 took all the guess work out of remodeling our home. I didn’t have to guess when the project would be done; I didn’t have to guess if the work would be done correctly and I didn’t have to guess if they would stay on budget. Total 360 was creative, professional, on-time and on-budget. I would definitely recommend them to anyone.”



“We are so grateful to have found Nancy & Brent. They have worked with us on two of our houses and so glad we did. They use great subcontractors And they make a great team. They have many great qualities-a vision, integrity, professionalism, perfectionists and the ability to communicate and listen to name a few. I would highly recommend them.”



“We have such confidence that when we turn a client over to Total 360, they are in the hands of talented professionals that understand the buying & selling process. They know what buyer’s are looking for in crisp, clean interior presentation and can work with the sellers to address each of the design issues for the best possible presentation. And they offer their services at a price that is practical while getting the biggest band for the dollar.”



“We have used Total 360 Interiors for design and remodeling phases over the years in 2 of our homes. Total 360 is a professional team of people that takes impeccable care of their clients, prospects and partners. I will continue to use Total 360 Interiors for years to come. — Highly Recommended”.



“Total 360 Interiors’ 5 star rating is well-deserved! Their expert problem-solving capabilities, creative vision of fresh and innovative ideas and skilled vendor management made all the difference in elevating our condo renovation project to a whole new level of sophistication and elegance.

 Professional, Fresh & Innovative
With their direct and honest communication style, Brent, Nancy and Kat, immediately earned our respect and assured us that they’d be our advocates and have our vested interest at heart from start to finish. And they delivered and brought our vision to life.

You could call us “demanding clients” as we were very hands-on and had strong opinions on all aspects of the project. Even with this dynamic mix of personalities, we all worked together openly and collaboratively and they really listened to our wants and needs. 

On a significant portion of the project, our ideas and creative direction were in synch. And on those rare occasions, when we disagreed on a concept, they were thoughtful of our input and respectful in the manner in which they expressed their conflicting views. Often, though, they successfully convinced and guided us to better choices and transformed our “good” ideas and inputs into great design elements. 

This was not an easy project by any measure. We live in a high-rise building that comes with it’s share of operational and work area limitations as well as hidden structural impediments that were discovered during demolition. Total 360’s team was undeterred and met each challenge with out-of-box solutions. They reviewed, reassessed and revised plans and creatively converted structural problems into stunning and standout features. 

Vendor Management
Time after time, Brent proved himself as our professional advocate in all aspects of vendor relations, delivery management and negotiations. He expertly handled the inevitable vendor and contractor, “oh-oh!” moments. And with his calm demeanor and superb conflict management skills he even talked us off the ledge a few times; aptly defusing contentious situations and finding “win-win” outcomes for all invested parties.

Our overall experience was extraordinary and we have this fabulous new home as proof! Bravo! Our hope is that this testimonial serves a powerful call to action for you to hire Total 360 Interiors for your next project. And like us, you’ll beam with pride on the results and relationships formed.”

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